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Songwriter, composer and singer.

My life
My full name is Marie Catherine Rhodes Samé Lottin. I was born in France (Neuilly sur Seine) where my Dutch mother and Cameroonian father met. We lived in Cameroon and after my parents split up when I was 7 years old, I was raised by my mother in The Netherlands.
As a child of 4 I learned to play the flute and piano and started training in Classical ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco and African dance. My musical taste has always been very diverse: Classical music, pop, soul and R&B music of the 70's and 80's.

When I was 6 year old I had a near-death experience. I believe that this moment caused a shift in my life and in the way I perceive things. Because of my shyness to speak openly, I started writing songs when I was 15. When I felt the need to rediscover my African roots and family at the age of 20, an adventurous journey of three years, I wrote more songs. When I had the opportunity to start performing professionally as a singer, my stage fear threw me back into my shell. I was more comfortable dancing on stage.

Reconnection with my lyrics
Recently, fifteen years later , I met an old friend Ties van der Linden, who has been in the music industry for more than 30 years, composing, producing, recording, mixing personal projects, television, theater, museums and much more. (www.fonofactory.com) He encouraged me to reconnect with my musical inspirations. We started composing, reproducing and recording the songs together.
I currently also own and run a medical practice and work as a therapist at www.newwaves.nl. As a friend once said: "Music makes you fly and your work makes you land softly again." However my music holds high priority and I am blissfully happy that our intention to release FLOW the end of 2011 has been fulfilled.


The name Rhodês
Rhodês is my third given name, named after my African grandmother. I recently discovered that the Greek island Rhodos is named after the 'sea nimph Rhodes' out of the Greek mythology and after a famous rose on this island. So, after realizing that my Dutch grandfather was a rose breeder and me having my sea view practice called `Waves´, the name Rhodes was born as a pseudonym! 


The shell
I love the Nautilus shell. For me, the sacred curves of this shell symbolize personal growth and evolving. On one hand, it describes the return to your source and intuition as an inward path. On the other hand you can see it as an outward movement; the expression from your core where you overcome fear and rise up. This perfectly defines the process of my development in making my own music. Certainly in life, many people go through this process. It is so beautiful to find this reflection in the design of a shell.